Artistic bathtub Design from wood

Maybe we all often see bathtubs are made of ceramic or porcelain, is not it? But if you’ve seen bathtubs made ​​of wood? If not, here we present a different model bathtubs made ​​of wood. Bathtub which we show here really bathtubs that can be used, and not only a mere interior decoration.

bathtub design by wood

Of the few who raised the concept interior with unique characteristics, this kind of bathtub is usually used in some homes that have natural and simple concept. Comfortable feel to be one of the reasons why the chosen design.

design bathtub made by wooden


modern design wooden bathtub

So is the size of the tub itself. With a variety of interesting models, uniquely, so this furniture could be one complement for bathroom interior decorating, so you have a room that is really comfortable when used.

wooden bathtub design

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